George Washington Carver

1951-54 George Washington Carver Commemorative Coins

The last design released for the early commemorative coins was the George Washington Carver Half Dollar. The authorizing legislation passed in 1951 called for the melting of all unsold Booker T. Washington Half Dollars and the recoinage into coins bearing conjoined profile portraits of George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington. Coins were issued in three coin sets containing one of each mint mark for each year of issue. Prices were $9 or $10 per set, and later $12 per set for the 1954 coins. In 1952, there was some attempt to issue the coins broadly through banks, but many were eventually distributed at or near face value. By the end of the program, more than one million coins would be distributed. For nearly three decades, no additional commemorative coins were approved within the United States. Any proposals were met by the Treasury Department with the long list of complaints that had arisen due to past abuses. Thus ended the era of early commemorative coins.

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